Support & Deployment

At InfoBIZ-Arete, we provide complete support to help you fine-tune your marketing plans and strengthen customer relationships by gaining valuable insight into dealing with your clients and prospects. InfoBIZ-Arete offers the following Support services that can help you achieve your goals and objectives:

Popularize your Brand in the Market

InfoBIZ-Arete can help you generate demand for your brand solutions by promoting your brand systematically. Our services will enhance your brand value and increase your visibility that would make more and more people aware about you. We will help you to reach out to your niche targeted audience through our list services and appending services. We can distribute your message to potential customers through email, fax, post or telephone, effectively. Our newsletters are an excellent medium through which you can educate, inform and raise interest in the audience. Our efforts can generate enough demand for your offerings that would make your sales numbers hit sky.

Our demand generation service includes:

  • Developing effective online presence
  • Driving traffic to the website through SEO/PPC
  • Creating a buzz through social networking
  • Email blast to reach across the globe simultaneously

Distribute your Message to Thousands within No Time!

With our email campaign service, you can:

  • Send email newsletters to educate customers
  • Send transaction emails
  • Send email pitches and generate leads
  • Send survey questionnaires and get feedback
  • Spread awareness about your products and services

Communicate – Anytime, Anywhere!

InfoBIZ-Arete gives you the ability and flexibility to communicate with your customers and prospects at any time or location through mobile marketing services. With just one click of the 'send' button you can do wonders! Use this channel that is gaining utmost popularity among the global population and stay up-to-date with the racing technology. You can use mobile marketing to launch your products, pull crowd to your events, improve your customer service, take feedback from customers, personalize your messages, boost sales and much more.

Our mobile marketing service includes:

  • Text messaging for event management and survey
  • Bulk text messaging for lead generation
  • SMS reminders and follow ups
  • Automated SMS texting for alerts, a/c withdrawals, etc
  • SMS subscription for updates, news, etc

Get Support for your Direct Marketing Initiatives

InfoBIZ-Arete can help you in your direct marketing efforts by supplying accurate databases to you. These direct mailing databases include complete postal address of your prospects and help you deliver your message without fail. Details included in direct marketing databases are name, company name, street name, province, state, zip code, country, industry, SIC code, etc. This information also allows you to segment your direct marketing audience according to your marketing plans and strategies. You can start executive personalized direct mails based on geography, industry or SIC code or any other category of your choice. You can also get support from us to build a direct marketing database based on your preferences.

With our direct marketing support, you can:

  • Target specific audience
  • Extend your market reach
  • Improve mail delivery rate
  • Personalize your message and make impact
  • Increase ROI

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